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Godly Life Found in Christ (1 Timothy 4:1-16)

    1. What did Paul ask Timothy to do?
      1. Point out, prescribe and teach about godliness. (1 Ti 4:6,11)
      2. Prepare yourself for the purpose of godliness. (1 Ti. 4:7)
      3. Present yourself as an example of believers in godliness. (1 Ti 4:12)


    1. Wat are the purpose of godliness. (1 Ti. 4:7)
      1. It benefits all,
      2. It has eternal value,
      3. It gives the living hope,


    1. How can you show godliness?
      1. Practice your spiritual gift. (1 Ti 4:14)
      2. Push yourself hard to make progress. (1 Ti 4:15)
      3. Persevere in these things. (1 Ti 4:16b)


    1. One Principle to Remember:
      1. Godliness of a man is never determined by out-performing of man’s standards but can be only lived out by the truths found in the words of God.




    1. Have you ever meet a godly person? Why did you think he or she was a godly?


    1. Please define godliness in your own words.


    1. Why should we strive to live a godly life?


    1. Please pray for your self-godliness and ask God for His strength and help for you to make progress in it.  


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