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We Will Serve the LORD! (Joshua 23:1-16)

  1. What do we learn about the life we live and the place we dwell through today’s passage?
    1. We must have genuine appreciation that recognizes God as the ultimate provider.
    2. We must have spiritual discernment that acknowledges His words as the righteous path.
    3. We must have eternal perspective that trusts His covenant as the final judgment.


  1. What was Joshua’s final message to the people of Israel?
    1. Fear the LORD and serve him with all your faithfulness. (Joshua 24:14a)
    2. Throw away gods of your fathers and serve the LORD only. (Joshua 24:14b)
    3. Make commitment to serve the LORD our God. (Joshua 24:15b)


  1. One Principle to Remember
    1. People who live under the blessing of God must make commitment to serve only one true God by acknowledging, listening, and worshipping Him.




  1. Can you think of some of your experiences that you can call it a grace of God? It with your groups.
  2. Why should we serve only the LORD our God? Share your thoughts.
  3. Think of the declaration of Joshua and pray silently and make commitment to serve only the LORD our God.

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