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Sermon Outlines-20160814-SVSCSJ | GPS HOME

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Give Me This Hill Country (Joshua 14:1-15)


1. Why did Caleb ask Joshua to given him and his tribe the land belongs to Anakites?

a)      Caleb kept God’s promise in his heart when it was given and remembered it for 45 years.

b)      Caleb believed that the Lord has kept him alive for 45 years in order for him to receive the God’s promised land.

c)      Caleb claimed the most difficult land to conquer because he trusted the Lord will help him to conquer it.


2. What do we learn about God’s promised blessing from the life of Caleb?

a)      It must be faithfully remembered by His people.

b)      It must be always trusted by His people.

c)      It must be boldly pursued by His people.


3. One Principle to Remember

a)      God’s people must live under the blessing of the promise of God; therefore, we should never forget the promise of God, never give it up, and never fear the world.






1. What is a promise in your opinion?  Please share your thought with others.


2. What is one of many God’s promise that you had read from Bible?


3. What about Caleb inspire you: his faith, loyalty, or courage?  Pray together for such faith, loyalty, or courage become your character and virtue.

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