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  Sermon Notes (Isaiah 46:3-4)
- You Are not an Accident!

What do Bible says about our lives?

 •God proscribed everything.

üGod prescribed our talents and our personality. (Ps.138:8)
ü God prescribed the days of our life in advance (Ps. 139:16)
ü God prescribed our race, the color of our skin, and every features. (Acts 17:26)

 •God planned it all for His purpose.
üGod planned where we’d be born and where we’d live. (Acts 17:26)

•God’s purpose and motive of creating us was His love.
üWe are the focus of His love. (James 1:18a)
üWe are the most valuable of all His creation. (James 1:18)
üWe are the subject of His love. (Isaiah 45:18)

Things to Do

  Our life has profound meaning and purpose! (Romans 12:3)


 1.Now you know that God uniquely created you. What areas of your personality, background, and physical appearance are you struggling to accept?

2.What are some of the positive points about your background or your personality?

3.How do you know God loves you?

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