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Sermon and Sermon Outlines-20130127 | GPS HOME

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Faith, a Journey with God (Genesis 15:1-9)

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1. What did Abram ask when the word of LORD came to him?

· What can you give me? (Gen 15:2a)


2. What did the LORD do for Abram who became weary in his faith?

· God reassured Abram with the hope of His promise. (Gen 15:4-5)

· God reminded Abram that He is the LORD who has been with him. (Gen 15:7a)

· God made covenant with Abram through a ritual of men. (Gen 15:9)


3. What do we learn about “faith” through today’s passage?

· It is not about “doing right thing” but is about “believing righteous One”! (Gen 15:6b)

· It is not about “being perfect” but is about “moving toward God’s promise”! (Gen 15:7)

· It is not about “your journey” but is about “His journey” with you! (Gen 15:7)


4. One Principle to Remember

· We call Abraham “the father of our faith” not because of his perfect life but because of his ongoing pursuit of God’s promise in his ordinary life.



1. Define faith in your own words.


2. If you were in Abram’s shoes, what would be your respond to the situation?


3. What aspect of definitions of faith do you agree on the most?


4. Please pray for missionary Joanne Reh and Nathan Yi and unreached people group of Minyak, China.


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